"Quite simply,

I love helping Individuals and Organizations succeed by identifying and activating lucrative opportunities hidden within their calamities."



By the time Vipp reached the ripe age of 50 he had lived in 10 countries, worked his first 15 years as an international banker and the next 15 as a senior media executive. He was asked to host his weekly talk show on Fox News Radio with celebrities famous for their politics, spirituality, notoriety (like Donald Trump, Bishop TD Jakes, Sadhguru, Roger Stone to name a few). He had become a global keynote speaker, international political advisor and was awarded 3 medals for his contribution towards Leadership by the United States National Guard. Vipp also published his critically acclaimed book, 'CPR' (targeted at those facing mid life crisis) and created the HEAL Foundation, which is his philanthropic endeavor towards those who can benefit from emotional and mental well-being.


Vipp is no stranger to crisis or catastrophe at both a professional and personal level. During his career he has helped navigate teams and organizations through the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, the 2000 Dot Com bubble, the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks, the 2007 Housing Crash, the 2009 European Sovereign debt crisis and Vipp was the primary negotiator in the successful release of 2 colleagues held hostage in the Middle East. 


Vipp is dedicated to giving back to Life what Life has given him. As he says, "The one similarity between a true Capitalist and a true Philanthropist is that both believe the path to enriching themselves, is by enriching others first."  


In a world filled with speakers galore, Vipp's uniquely oratorial versatility and professionalism are some of the reasons that he is frequently requested to deliver keynote speeches at major international conferences.

He has been a keynote speaker to packed auditoriums with audiences 0f up to 800 for events such as the Leadership Conference for the United States National Guard and the opening ceremony for the China Media Group in Beijing and Chongqing, to name a few.


His clients include commercial, non-profit, government and political organizations who seek his experience, expertise and insight on a variety of topics ranging from (but not limited to) ethics of Artificial Intelligence, Crisis Control, dealing with Depression, defining Diversity, modern day Leadership to Team Motivation & Self Inspiration. His style of speaking guarantees to capture his audiences' attention and his content resonates in every way. To top it off, Vipp laces his delivery with a sense of humor like no other.


Unlike some speakers, he's not out to sell your audience anything. He's only there to give. Vipp crafts each speech from inception and works closely with the organizers to ensure that he delivers the message required in a manner that is captivating, enjoyable, meaningful, respectful, stimulating and thought provoking.


This book is for those who are in mid life and have been laid off or about to be.

The irony is that it's at middle age where we are at the pinnacle of experience and expertise that makes us the most valuable generation ever. Yet we have been let go. Nevertheless, we should not let a crisis go to waste whether it’s in your Life or in the world around you. It’s one of Life’s few opportunities that allow you to shine by contributing the best of yourself for the benefit of everyone. Your own crisis gives you an opportunity to shape your future in a way that you didn’t have control over before. 

Getting back on your feet is going to require a mindset, prowess and resilience that you never knew you had. CPR will give you all that you need, in 3 simple steps, to get your Life back on track. CPR will get you ahead by making use of this unintended interruption in your Life to become better positioned, physically stronger, mentally shrewder and emotionally wiser than you were ever before. The world is changing as we live and each of us needs to be operating at optimum levels in all aspects of our being. CPR gets you to that level quickly and simply.

This book is a no holds barred account of what you will go through and how to get through it. I know because I've been there. CPR's worked for me and many others. Now it will work for you.

It's time to take your Life from a mid-life crisis to a mid-life movement.




Vipp's been host of the weekly Fox News Radio talk show, "The Vipp Jaswal Report" since 2012. The show delves deep into social issues that affect and impact American society and culture. His shows have been bold enough to approach sensitive topics e.g. Is homosexuality acceptable within Christianity; The rising trend of importing mail order brides; The alarming rise of teenagers addiction to alcohol, drugs and prostituition; Do Millennials have what it takes to run the world and the list goes on. 

Vipp's guests have ranged all the way from the White House to the Crack House. He's interviewed personalities like Donald Trump, the Navy Seals who killed Osama bin Laden, America's most famous Pastor - Bishop TD Jakes, the world's most popular mystic - Sadhguru, the Opus Dei and other notable personalities.

Yet, his favorite shows have been with ordinary people who are challenged with extraordinary circumstances. For instance he has interviewed teenagers who resort to prostituition to fund their addiction to substance abuse. He's interviewed 2 Pastors, one straight and the other gay, discussing the importance of homosexuality within religion and other radical issues within our society. 

For Vipp, there is no topic off limits as long as it's worth discussing. His shows are a reflection of his ability to grasp the core of any topic and address the issues that his audience wants to know. 

All episodes of the Vipp Jaswal Report are available on the following platforms. Click and listen:

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Vipp's been host of the international Fox News program, Fox Extra seen in over 80 countries that focus on global youth culture. Here's a clip:


Vipp's no stranger to trying something new. He's currently in discussion with networks and streaming platforms about producing a talk show that focuses on those going through a mid life crisis. Here's a raw, unedited clip from the pilot episode: 





helping everyone achieve a life.

what is heal?

HEAL is a self-funding foundation formed by Vipp. It's sole purpose is to help those who are depressed, distressed and need guidance and nurturing so that they can carry on living.

Society is still not open about this but the truth is that at least one member of each family is secretly facing such personal challenges. 

HEAL aims to help them rebuild their Life.

who is it for?

HEAL provides solutions to anyone who feels overwhelmed by what Life has confronted them with. 

So many ordinary people struggle daily with emotional and mental challenges and don't know where to turn to. 

HEAL is one of those resources they can use.

how can you help heal?

HEAL is self-funding so we do not require your money.


However, if you can donate your time, experience, expertise, empathy and compassion we would love to hear from you.


Contact us and see how you can help HEAL the hurt in someone's Life.

"There is nothing quite tragic as an amputated Soul. There's no prosthetic for that."

- Vipp Jaswal


How Can Vipp Be Of Service To You?

Activator / Advisor

Tap into Vipp's experience, expertise, knowledge and know-how of business. He will demonstrate how to significantly grow yours especially when faced with a crisis. Vipp's globally spanned, multi-industry career has given him an astute understanding of the marketplace and an innate ability in creating new revenue streams from lucrative opportunities with existing resources. 

Vipp's clients are in industries ranging from Foreign Embassies, Gaming, Manufacturing, Logistics, Political Organizations, Social Media and Start-ups. 

Coaching / Training

Raise your Team's performance from a real professional with real experience. Vipp's proficiency in Communication, Leadership, Marketing, Negotiation, Networking, Sales and Teamwork are world class. Vipp can equip your team with the mindset, prowess and skills that have taken him 30 years to develop. Vipp will work with you to develop a custom built seminar, training system or workshop based on your needs.

Media Guest / Voiceover

Vipp makes for a great media guest on TV, Podcast and Radio. He can talk on a variety of topics that affect society's values and culture with a point of view and a style that's informative, dynamic, entertaining, and thought provoking.

Vipp also lends his distinctively unique voice to various media projects like voiceovers and book narrations.

CLICK THE ICON BELOW to listen to a sample of his commercial recordings for some of the Fortune 500 companies: 

Speaker / Storyteller

Vipp's speeches are unique and highly sought after. He's not speaking to sell books or seminars. He's speaking to give your audience a message that has meaning. 

He delivers in a way that leaves everyone with a stronger sense of enthusiasm, hope, purpose and understanding.

Get in touch with Vipp and his team to see how he can deliver a message for your event that will be meaningful and remain memorable long after.

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