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Course Brief



Interpersonal Intelligence is the ability to humanly decode how we work across real, digital and virtual platforms and the need to dignify the human spirit in: Collaboration. Communication. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Work-related Depression-Stress-Trauma. Hybrid team building. Social Skills. Time management. Work Ethics. Ageism.

Purpose of Interpersonal Intelligence

To enhance the awareness and impact of the touch and pain points of human interaction in the workplace. 


This program unites all aspects of emotional intelligence, human differences and soft skills towards a common goal of educating your achievers in how they are all interconnected and proportional to productivity. 


Your achievers leave with a greater understanding of how they have the power of positively impacting others through their words, actions and attitude in a world where human dimensions are expanding. Resulting in a better workplace culture, employee retention, performance and bottom-line.

Who is Interpersonal Intelligence for?

Needed for every organization and department that engages or creates a human touch point that impacts human behavior.

Why is Interpersonal Intelligence necessary?

  • It’s a moral and ethical requirement. Every human being should master the art of being human to others in and out of the workplace.

  • There is a greater need to intelligently apply interpersonal skills to interact humanly, equitably and effectively across digital, virtual and real workplaces. 

  • To appreciate that every minority / interest group needs attention, acceptance and inclusion. 

  • Organization’s reputation and bottom line is directly proportional to their level of Interpersonal Intelligence.

  • Interpersonal Intelligence is critical for machine learning.

What's the goal?

Future achievers with Interpersonal Intelligence will have mastery of core skills necessary for optimal performance. They will be able to address, anticipate and manage all aspects of human differences and changes to social culture that impact corporate culture. 

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Course Modules


How to effectively use the hybrid workplace model and be aware of their strengths and weaknesses.



How to bring achievers’  ideas, experiences, skills and opinions into alignment of a common goal.



Understanding how your achievers exchange information, opinions and ideas.



Ensuring that each achiever is involved, understands and committed to DEI efforts that promote a safe and respectful workplace. 



Being able to identify each of these factors and how achievers can nurture and nourish one another.


Understanding how to maintain optimum productivity in a distributed workforce with flexible workers.



Developing essential human skills that create a respectful, comfortable and safe environment.



Managing expectations, responsibilities and communication where tasks are time driven.



How achievers can govern themselves through accountability, work attitude and professionalism by ensuring they do the right thing at all times.



Ensuring that the workplace holds no stereotypical beliefs of age discrimination.

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