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Vipp is a globally experienced C-Suite advisor, ex-hostage negotiator, entrepreneur, author, radio show host and ‘Mr. Fixer’. In a world flowing with thought leaders and speakers, Vipp stands out because he brings his robust, real life global experience to organizations and governments with an action-leadership approach that produces desired results.


Vipp’s speaking style is distinctively unique from the moment he appears on screen in a virtual setting to the moment he steps on stage in front of a live audience. His attention to screen and stage craft captures the attention of the audience who remain engaged, enlightened and entertained.


Audiences never depart empty-handed because Vipp always provides them with a 3-step action plan along with his tagline, “Do try this at home!” He is one of the few speakers that is frequently asked to return because audiences love what he says, how he says it and how they can apply it.


Vipp’s speaking engagements have taken him from Cheyenne to China, delivering a positive impact on people’s professional and personal lives.

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The Voice of Outliers & Overcomers

A Masterful Messenger & Unique
Real Life Experiential Expert


Vipp Has Worked With

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Is Your DEI … DOA?

Going from seminars, webinars and conversations to humanizing intentions with actions that really matter for all stakeholders.

The Great Resignation.

How to prevent it from happening and how it can be the best thing that ever happened.


WFH: Working From Home or Worried From Home?

Helping leaders and teams develop optimum performance in hybrid working environments.


WTF: What’s Tackled First.

Priority management is critical to performance management in a world of work that is changing.


You Get What You Negotiate.

With the current climate where the balance of power is with employees, it is critical that decision makers have the know-how to negotiate with a positive outcome for all.


The Subtle Art of Reinventing Yourself.

How to give yourself permission to be your true self.


Make Moves like Mick Jagger.

Redefining and refining actionable career strategies for executives in mid-life.


Happily Depressed.

The art of using what’s abusing you and making it work in 3 simple ways that really work.


Anxiety, Burnout, Confusion, Depression?

The A-B-C-D of identifying, managing, and overcoming these human experiences that are critical to well-being and optimal performance.


Soft Skills Deliver Hard Sales.

How your sales team can succeed by offering a human experience like no other.


Interpersonal Intelligence.

Going deeper into understanding how we can work better across real, digital and virtual platforms. Creating a workplace that dignifies the human spirit through: Collaboration. Communication. DEI. Work-related Depression-Stress-Trauma. Hybrid teams. Social skills. Time management. Work ethics. Ageism.

The ‘F-word’.

Developing a Futurist Mindset necessary for tomorrow’s leadership.


Corporate Conscience.

Does it even exist anymore and why it should. Conscience is the foundation of culture.


Corporate Culture.

Building a culture that works seamlessly across real, digital and virtual platforms in alignment with strategy and goals.



Vipp is an extremely articulate, entertaining and engaging interviewer that gets to the soul of the topic in a way no one else can. Vipp’s top rated and critically acclaimed radio show, The Vipp Jaswal Report, has had many notable guests like President Trump, Bishop TD Jakes, Sadhguru, the Secret Service, Roger Stone, the Opus Dei and others.


Bishop TD Jakes

Jocko Willink




Sheikh Zayed

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